Saturday, July 26, 2014

On the Radar -- If I Designed a Restaurant...

So, it's been ages since I posted an On the Radar -- but I'm sure you're aware of that.  With us opening the shop in Liberty, and trying to keep the Etsy shop flowing along smoothly, I've just let the blog fall by the wayside.  And that's just wrong!  So I'm writing today (in an attempt to appease you, dear readers), and I thought I would share something I was working on in the spring with my class.

I teach Interior Design part time, and my class was working on a project to design a bakery/bistro/small restaurant.  I wanted to do the project along with them, but....the shop happened, yadda yadda yadda, see the previous paragraph.  But I did start to pick out furniture and finishings for my concept, and I thought you might find it interesting. 

My concept was for a bakery/coffee shop, to be called Plenty, that would have a Midcentury/Scandinavian feel with lots of color.  Not only would the bakery be super environmentally friendly through every facet of the business, but it would also focus on charity, by donating leftover baked goods at the end of every day to a local homeless shelter.  I was going for fun, brightness, lightness, and a feeling of joyfulness.  It may sound a little silly -- but I was focusing on the idea of a bakery where the customers might feel as if they are indulging themselves a little (um, cookies?), but really they are being socially concious -- especially if the bakery were to extend the charity even further with community customer reward programs and monthly highlighted local charity donation spots throughout the space. 

So now on to the fun part!  Beyond the Midcentury inspiration, I was thinking of Mucha, poppies, wheat, and Art Nouveau.  I know, weird combos.  But I think it totally works.  My picks...

The logo:

Artwork by The Black Apple (I added the name), get a print here.


From Mighty Vintage on Etsy, but it's been sold.
The Trappistine, by Alphonse Mucha
Wheatfields by  Jacqueline Penney
Wheat Weaving, image from here.


Found here.
Wheat Chandelier from Ballard Designs, no longer available.
I cannot find where I got this from!  Sorry!

Seling Imperial Mid Century sofa.  Sorry, not available!

Tangier Wing Chair, from Modshop, here.
Vintage Ekstrom chairs.

Sprout Cafe Table from Blu Dot, here.
Vintage Danish Modern chairs, here.
The Nerd Chair by Muuto, here.
Various accessories, prints, inspiration, etc:

Glasses from Usful Glassworks, here.
Scandinavian bread, here.
Sorry, can't find this!
This one sold.  It was from Une Vie de Boheme on Etsy, here.
Joel Dewberry fabric, here.
Soooo....tell me what you think!!