Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the Radar -- Pantone for Fall 2013

Looking for color inspiration?  Look no further!  Here are the Pantone colors for Fall 2013.

Want to know how to use them in your home?  Here's some of my favorite rooms and products that use this palette.  Remember, you can take these colors as inspiration and go as bold (or as subdued) as you like!

Creature Hideaway bedding from Anthropologie
Potter's Workshop dinnerware from West Elm 
Eyelash pillow from Crate and Barrel
Illustration art by the North Country Girl on Etsy, here.
From Country Living

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Junk Love: A Lunchtime Quickie

So, I packed my lunch today, because I decided that I didn't need to spend money on a restaurant. My plan was to find a quiet spot and read during my lunch break. When the noon hour rolled around, though, I had an epiphany: if I go to the antique store during my lunch hour, then I can eat my lunch at my desk when I get back! It was an emergency, after all. I need to find Christmas presents for the other Blackbird....

I spent the drive reminding myself that I am only buying presents for other people. I will not buy junk for myself! I will be selfless! And then less than sixty seconds after I walked into the store, I saw this:

My gasp made the guy behind the counter look up at me with narrowed eyes. I was in ecstasy, holding the tin up so that the halo of light from heaven shone down upon it. The angels were singing softly from above. And then I saw the sign: 15% OFF ALL ITEMS IN THIS BOOTH. I nearly hyperventilated.

And so, at the cash register, we were united forever. She rode home in the front passenger seat, and will now occupy a place of honor in the house. Of course, I had to look online to see if there are any variations on the theme, and it turns out I have another potential collection on my hands....

Oh, Ms. Swanson! May your elegant profile grace my home for years to come!