Thursday, June 25, 2015

On the Radar: Good as Gold Pt. 1

There are trend-setters in this world, and there are trend-followers, and it doesn't matter which category you belong to as long as you do the trend justice. And vintage is always a great way to fall in line with the herd while still maintaining your originality. I mean, how many other people in your circle are going to have the same dress, or necklace, or belt? So, as we see these trends pop up in magazines, malls, and boutiques, we also see the same conversation happening in the vintage world. For the past few months, this beautiful golden yellow has been popping up everywhere, and our savvy Etsy compatriots have made their own contribution. And while we normally incorporate modern iterations of trends in our On the Radar blogs, we've decided to highlight nothing but vintage this time around. Like this AMAZING dress:
From here
Or these daring darlings:
On Etsy

On Etsy

Sometimes, all you need is a little spot of color to stand out in a crowd, like this funky patterned scarf:
Echo scarf, On Etsy
 And jewelry is always a girl's best friend!
Golden tiger eye ring, On Etsy

On Etsy

There's nothing better than versatility, especially when it looks good. Check out this reversible bracelet:

On Etsy
This ring is awesome, and we love the enameled cufflinks:
Gold and yellow jade ring, On Etsy

Swank enamel Pisces cufflinks, On Etsy

May your world be filled with sunshine and great yellow vintage!

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