Friday, August 15, 2014

The Skinny -- Star Costume Jewelry

Thermo plastic clip earrings, sold.
I was hoping that my first Skinny post in forever would be sort of like my post on Van Dell vintage jewelry (see it here). We have thousands of views on that post, and comments that it has really helped people who were trying to learn more about the company.  

Well, unfortunately, it's not going to work out how I wanted it to.  Grrr!

I have wanted to post on Star costume jewelry for some time now.  We are always looking for good, signed vintage costume jewelry for our shops because it always sells.  Vintage costume jewelry is just so much fun -- to find and collect.  Designers did and can take so many risks with the designs of costume jewelry that they just can't do with fine jewelry.  Star is a name that we don't find often, not like Coro or Sarah Coventry, but we've unearthed a piece or three in our travels.  I knew that information was hard to find about this company, but I didn't realize exactly how hard until I started looking for anything about them.  

Brooch and earrings, available from JewelryQuestDesign on Etsy, here.

So this post will be image heavy, because the written info I have gathered is about, hmmm...a paragraph long?  Hey, they say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Green bead necklace from Vintage Heart Strings on Etsy, here.

OK, let's talk about what I found.  First theory: the Star Jewelry Company was in business from the 1940s through the 1960s.  I found two sources that confirm that ( and  One source says they were based in Houston, Texas.  The jewelry is good (not great) quality, and the company seemed to specialize in thermoplastic and rhinestone jewelry.  From the images I've seen, they did a lot of natural designs, with flowers, leaves, and vines. 

From Collectible Jewels, here.

Now, theory two doesn't seem very likely, but I'm posting it for your information. On, they say that Star and Staret jewelry were both made by the Star Novelty Company in Chicago.  I could paraphrase, but it's easier to just quote them.  Here's what they say:

  "The company began making costume jewelry marked: "STAR" in 1925-1940. The company changed its name to Staret in the 1940s. Staret jewelry pieces are known for their exuberant design and exceptional use of enameling and high quality rhinestones. The style and sometimes excessively showy shapes of costume jewelry stamped Staret, recalls to mind, the more famous jewels of Eisenberg & Sons but does not have the Eisenberg quality. Novelty jewelry was also designed and made by the company. Overall, the quality of Staret designs is good quality with good quality stones with some pieces being exceptional with better quality of workmanship and design. Mark: "STAR", "STARET". The company ceased operations in 1947."

I say this doesn't seem likely, because the pieces I have seen marked Star are not pieces from 1925-1940.  No way.  They are 1950s and 60s, definitely, in design and construction.  Also, Staret pieces look NOTHING like Star pieces.  No similarity at all.  The people over at don't buy this theory either.

Here's a bracelet we have in our Etsy shop, here, and its mark: 

And here's a rhinestone necklace on Etsy from Ginger's Little Gems, here.  It has a string tag attached.


So that's all I got!  Told you it wasn't much -- but hope it can help you a little.  Here's a few more photos for reference.

Found on Ebay.
A different piece from WhyWeLoveThePast on Etsy, here.
Clip earrings from our shop, here.


  1. I have a pair of clip on earrings marked "star" and they are beautiful with beautiful stones and I need help. I can't find any information about them or the value on them because I want to sell them, can anyone help me please? My email is and my name is Lanelle. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you for your help and time. Like I said they are beautiful

    1. Hi, i have just bought a gorgeous light blue beaded bracelet, & I noticed the clasp marked STAR, so i googled the Company & the Jewelry that i found was in the double & triple digits, & this bracelet i have, even though its not cheaply made by any means, is not anywhere near that expensive. So im definatly confused now. I need to find out exactly what im talking about before i list this bracelet for sale. Has anyone else found this company online? Any answers please let me know. Thanks! P.W. at Odds,Ends,Things

  2. I also have a lot of other vintage costume jewelry, a lot of names like coro, trifari, kramer, listner, hobe, monet, star, sarah cov, gerrys, b.s.k and a lot of others and I also have beautiful unmarked vintage costume jewelry. My jewelry also has beautiful rhinestones, rubies, sapphires, topaz and a lot of other stones. I am looking to sell my jewelry and even the rare pieces. Just contact me at my email at or on here. I will be checking my email and this site every day constantly through out every day. Thanks and have a great week. I forgot to say that my vintage jewelry is in great condition, there might be something that is not in perfect condition but that's very little. 98% of my vintage costume jewelry is in great condition and I have over 2,000 pieces of vintage costume jewelry. Please contact me thanks.

  3. I have emerald green clip earrings with a shield shape. There was a matching pendant which I am looking to replace. Text Jill at 860.690.1908.

  4. I high appreciate this post. It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! would you mind updating your blog with more information?

  5. I have a huge collection of costume jewelry. I have pieces by: Miriam Haskell, Weiss. Lisner, Sarah Coventry and a lot of unmarked pieces. Just today while pulling out old jewelry boxes, I found a brooch marked Star!! A delightful piece to add to my collection.

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  8. I have a gold (suposedly) ring with a stamped star ... no other markings. Was this made by the Star Jewelry Company; or, does anyone else know what the stamped star means?? barbky41 @ att . net