Friday, August 19, 2016

Vera Vault -- Hello, Yellow!

I have multiple bags of Vera scarves waiting to be photographed for "Vera Vault" posts.  Before I photograph them, I have to steam each one.  I usually try to steam several while I am steaming scarves to list in our Etsy shop.  I always try to come up with a theme for my posts, and this time, as I reached my hand into the bag to grab a scarf, I grabbed a yellow plaid Vera.  

Then, I reached in, without looking, and grabbed this yellow floral sheer Vera:

Next, a yellow geometric:

I was beginning to sense a trend.  So I looked in a bag and pulled out a yellow abstract scarf:

Another yellow-ish floral: 

Another yellow geometric:

And lastly, another yellow-ish (and many other colors) floral:

I just love that Vera never limited herself to just one style.  Florals, plaids, geometrics, abstracts, figurals -- she did it all.  Who knows what I'll pull out of the bag next time!