Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Junk Love: Buggin'

We love bugs! Well, we love Dior bugs.... (But who doesn't?)

Now, we don't necessarily love them when they crawl on us. And the kind that suck blood are strictly prohibited. But if you're a beetle, bee, or butterfly, you are welcome anytime.

sold on Etsy

On Etsy

Enid Collins purse, On Etsy

1950s butterfly dress; On Etsy

Mexican silver brooch; On Etsy
And for the record, we loved pull-down charts of bugs before it was cool. (We're kind of science nerds like that. Plus, we're suckers for brightly colored illustrations, regardless of the subject matter.) So I'm putting this gem on my Christmas list right now:

On Etsy
 Love bees? Love the 1970s? Check out our Mr. Dino set:
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