Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On the Radar -- Needing Some Needlepoint Now!

Thanks to designers and celebrities (Taylor Swift is a fan), needlepoint is the hobby of the moment.  We've been seeing it everywhere!  In shops, online, in fashion...and we love it.  Both of us Blackbirds have fond memories of doing plastic canvas needlepoint when we were younger, and I've been collecting vintage needlepoint books for years, in hopes of one day having the time to actually make some throw pillows or seat covers.  It's hard to find, but we do buy good Mid Century needlepoint when we find it.

Even Bergdorf's 2014 Holiday Windows gave a nod to needlepoint with this red beauty:

We saw this recently on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (one of our guilty pleasures -- along with all of the other RH franchises!):

Pillow by Richard Rothstein.

Jonathan Adler's been on the needlepoint bandwagon for years.  His Jackie O pillow is one of my faves:

Or you can make your own pillow with this kit:

From Modern Needleworks on Etsy, here.

 Needlepoint's not just for pillows.  This vintage brooch is so sweet!

Vintage Petit Point Brooch, from The Birdcage Vintage on Etsy, here.

And you can also hang it on your wall:

Vintage framed needlepoint from edgertor on Etsy, here.

And from our shop, you can cover your tennis gear:

Vintage tennis racquet cover, from our shop, here.

Or wear a jacket that looks like needlepoint (it's really made from a fabric called grospoint, which has a needlepoint look):

1960s Lilli Russell jacket, from our shop, here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Vera Vault -- Going Dotty

I've been hard at work photographing my collection of Vera scarves, and finally (FINALLY!) I'm getting around to posting some photos.  It's been so nice to steam them all, and to remember each one of them.  Unfortunately, too often, I find a lonely little Vera in a second hand shop, rescue it, and then store it in a stack of her sister scarves.  To take the time to make her look fresh, and give her a moment in front of the camera, well, my friends, it's lovely.  So please enjoy this little installment of dotty little Veras.

You can have splotchy dots:

You can have two tone dots:

You can have different sizes of dots:

You can have dots inside of a big dot:

You can have dots and waves:

And you can have dots that are actually suns (one of my top ten Veras in my collection!):