Monday, February 9, 2015

Junk Love: The Better to See You With, My Dear

I'll let you in on a secret: both Blackbird girls are blind as bats. We also have almost the same prescription (weird, I know), so we could trade glasses if we needed to. But lately, it has been getting clearer (ha!) that we both need new lenses. So I figured--hey, it's February. Valentine's Day is coming up, and the world is seeing red (in a good way). Why not do a little fantasy shopping for vintage red frames?

Wayfarer-style, On Etsy

1970s, On Etsy

1980s Anglo American Eyewear, On Etsy

1950s or 60s Lucite, On Etsy

Vintage American Optical, On Etsy

1970s French Rochas, On Etsy

On Etsy

1950s French Sheraton, On Etsy

1970s Liz Claiborne, On Etsy

Italian vintage Riviera, On Etsy

Sold on Etsy
Vintage Laura Biagiotti, On Polyvore
I'm thinking I might need a couple of backup pairs. Or five.