Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Junk Love: Black and White and Cool All Over

There are many films that have exploited the awesomeness of graphic black and white in their sets and/or costume design, but none hit the mark in quite the same way as Sex and the Single Girl. Want a quirky, seriously manipulative romance with a tall, dark, and handsome Tony Curtis type? First, you need to ask yourself: Do I look like Natalie Wood, circa 1964?
If, tragically, the answer to that question is a dull and depressed no, then your only recourse is to close your eyes, throw your arms wide, and free-fall backward into the cool fantasy world promised by this movie. We'll start with your decor, which is the best first step from a psychological perspective. (Others may say you must start from within, but I promise you this: mid-century furniture will never make you feel fat. It will only boost your endorphins, which you can use later to push you through the whole personal transformation part.) So, if your movie fantasy living room looks like this:

Your actual living room needs a little of this:
From here

Vintage Hollywood Regency lamps; From here

Not vintage, but still cool; On Etsy

From here
To add a little contrast to your life, and because everyone needs a chaise....

Vertical stripes are so slimming, aren't they? Now upgrade the fantasy to this chair, and see what happens:
Vintage Gio Ponti chair

In the bedroom, you must be a woman of mystery. Check out the bed (which I couldn't find a closer shot of) and try to describe it in three words or less. Can you? No one should be able to describe you in three words or less, either.

So imagine this one, painted black of course, with stark white bedding:
From here

You will need to be both intellectual and provocative, which people will understand as soon as they see your collection of semi-grotesque linoleum block or woodcut prints representing various elements of the human psyche (did I mention that you might need a PhD for this fantasy?).

As long as you stick with black and white and bold, you have plenty of options to choose from (my particular favorites are the Jim Flora illustrations below). Just remember--solid black frames!
Vintage Jim Flora illustration; www.jimflora.com

Vintage Jim Flora illustration; www.jimflora.com
1970s block print; On Etsy
And now that we have the set dressed, so to speak, it is time to become a goddess, 1960s-style.You might not look like Natalie Wood, but if you can pull off a dress like this, you're under the right stars....