Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Sorry, Blackbird fans, for the extremely long wait on new blog posts!  We have a couple of things keeping us from writing:

1.  We have no internet.  We didn't have power for four days following a tiny (but dangerous) ice storm last week.  Trees fell all over town, knocking out power for over 21,000 people.  When it finally came back on, we realized that (as we have an electric hot water heater) a shower was the first, and most important, thing we needed.  After we handled that, we realized we had no cable.  Crap.  No internet when you run an online business sucks.  I've been handling Etsy with my phone, and I've had to wait in line to ship things the old fashioned way at the Post Office.  Shock! Horror!  No online postage!!  I've been getting the runaround from the cable people, but maybe we'll get it back soon.  Hmmmm....maybe.

2.  We're opening a store.  We're very excited about this!  I had elaborate plans to write some blog posts about our progress, but since we haven't had internet (see above), that hasn't happened.  We did have power at the shop during this whole mess, so we've been working hard on getting it ready to open.  Our goal opening date is April 24th, right before Liberty Antiques Festival.  Did I mention our shop's in Liberty, NC?  Come see us!  We promise we'll have it all painted and pretty by then! 
Hopefully we'll back to our regularly scheduled blogging soon, if I can ever get Time Warner to actually fix the cable...