Friday, July 3, 2015

Junk Love: Boating Party

Am I still in the mood for red, white, and blue? You betcha. And do I still love nautical junk? Yep. If I lived at the coast, I would definitely have boat-y type things in my house, like these great Italian bowls with life preservers:
Set of 4 Mepal Bowls, In Our Shop

And for the legendary cocktail collection, an ice bucket and glasses with nautical signal flags:
Cocktail Set, On Etsy

And speaking of signal flags, this is just one of several that I found on Etsy, and the paper tablecloth and napkin set is a birthday party dream. (By the way, this flag means Yes!)
Signal Flag, On Etsy

1930s Reed Luncheon Set, In Our Shop

For the nautical-inspired home, brass accents are essential:
Pen Holder, On Etsy

Brass Sconce, On Etsy

Brass Sailboat Wall Hanging, On Etsy
And this porthole mirror is FABULOUS:
Vintage porthole mirror, On Etsy
Plus, some classic blue and white for the walls (or the kitchen):
Set of 20 anchor trays, On Etsy

1950s Klafrestrom Enamel, On Etsy

And even if you're not in search of permanent decorations or collectibles, don't you think these would be great for a yacht party? Swab those decks, matey! And chill the champagne!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Junk Love: And a Ship to Sail Her By

As we creep closer to the 4th of July, I find myself yearning for saltwater taffy and sand between my toes. As an adult, I would never go to the beach at this time of year--too many people for my taste. But fireworks at the beach defines the summers of my childhood. We didn't go to fancy hotels or quiet beaches. Nope, it was the lights and kitsch of Myrtle Beach, back when the Pavilion still existed. The Fourth of July was all about the rickety Log Flume and walking the Boardwalk with wet shorts to get dipped ice cream cones and spend all our money in the Gay Dolphin. And then it was rushing back to the cheap hotel to crowd onto our balcony just in time for the bursts of light in the sky. I tend to get nostalgic this time of year, and if you follow our blog, you'll notice a lot of nautical, red, blue, and beachy-type things. Like today, where we are focusing on sailing-influenced fashion. This graphic sailboat dress is a dream come true:
On Etsy

This Malia dress still has sailboats, although they are a little more abstract:

On Etsy
And nothing is better than a big, bold Vera:
On Etsy
One of my favorite things in our shop is this 1960s drop-waist skort dress:
In our shop
And I love the applique on this 70s wrap skirt!
On Etsy

If you're not into red, white, and blue nautical, you could always go for something a little more intellectual, like this 1950s skirt with maps, globes, compasses, ships, and sea monsters in the print. Love it!
On Etsy
Or this one with sailboats and nautical info for Nantucket Sound:
On Etsy

Nautical flags and anchors are a great way to pay homage to the sea without dressing like a sailor:
On Etsy

In our shop

Or perhaps your own little sailboat! On your finger, of course....

On Etsy

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vera Vault -- By the Neck

It's time for another installment of the Vera Vault!  Vera Neumann designed more than just square or rectangular scarves.  Today we'll look at two styles in particular, highlighting 6 scarves from my collection.

Cowl scarves:

and notched neckerchiefs: