Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On the Radar -- The Mod Surrealist

The Blackbirds love road trips.  However, we don't like riding in the car for long distances with no thrift store stops.  So last weekend, coming home from our little antiquing trip, we resorted to one of our travel hobbies.  It was Sunday at 6pm -- and we had just finished at the last possible Goodwill we could get to that day.  We had more than three hours left until we got home.  So what's our hobby?  Well, we like to play these little games where we come up fantasy design projects, usually mashing up different eras.  For example, if we could design a house with anything in it in the world, what would it look like?  Or what styles could we mix together to create an amazing outfit -- from head to toe?

Mod Heels, from Salome Vintage on Etsy, here.

This weekend, we mixed Surrealist and Mod styles in our little game.  What we soon realized is that mixing the two would be amazing!  The psychedelia of the 1960s blends well with 1930s Surrealism, and the clean lines of Mod is a great foil to both.  What a concept, we thought!  And it was then that we knew we were in love. 

Vintage Telephone handbag from Cumstov on Etsy, here.

So when planning the blog today, I thought, "If only we could really find the components to our look."  I know well enough by now, that if it's on our radar (sorry, pun intended), then we'll start seeing it everywhere.  I had so much fun looking for the components for the blog post, it inspired me to do an Etsy treasury.  Take a gander at the treasury here, but enjoy some of the finds now!

1940s Glamour Lips from Curio Cabinet on Etsy, here.
Dior Surrealist hankie from Happy Anatomy on Etsy, here.

Mimi Di N Ram brooch from Pearl Modern on Etsy, here.

Mongolian lamb coat from Save As Vintage on Etsy, here.

70s postcard from Vintage Jenee Paper on Etsy, here.