Monday, July 1, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Love is Red, White, & Blue

I have always been drawn to red, white, and blue. I just love the combination. In fact, I have a collection of scarves in this patriotic scheme. Their place of honor is on my (navy) bedroom wall, draped on a wall-mounted coat rack. They make a beautiful cascade of different patterns and shades.

So, in honor of the 4th, and as tribute to my many scarves, I decided to search Etsy for other adorable items that pay tribute to the good old flag. Say, if I got a time  machine, and then I got an invitation to a cook-out in the 1940s, maybe I would need a cute dress:

And with such a cute dress, perhaps I would need a brooch to accessorize:
Or, if I thought I might need to know what time it is:

But, having a watch might remind me that I have a time machine, and that I could pop in on a party in the 1950s. If so, a change of wardrobe would be necessary:


With these shoes:
Properly accessorized, of course:
But, I wouldn't be able to stay very long, because I'd be on the way to a 1960s shindig. With, perhaps, a pool? July is so very hot, you know. I'd probably start with this (modesty is a virtue, or something--really, it's so fabulous, I'd wear it in the desert if I had to):
But, eventually I'd get hot, so I'd have to change into something a little breezier:
Properly accessorized, of course:
Until it was time for swimming, in two acts:
All that swimming would probably make me hungry, but I would have to wait at least 30 minutes to eat, so I might as well use that time to skip to the 70s and see what's up. Again, a wardrobe change would be necessary. It's time to salute my shorts:
Did I mention that it's a skating party?
Whew! All this partying has done me in. And made me want to wear all of my red, white, & blue scarves (at the same time!). Now, you should get ready for your own festivities. Might I suggest starting with something from our shop?

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