Thursday, July 4, 2013

On the Radar -- Brass Off

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I can't stand brass.  Well, I can't stand that super shiny, super yellow-y gold brass that's cheaply made.  It's just gross and fake and really, really tacky.  And I used to hold it against all brass that it had that tacky, low-class cousin. 

But as I've fallen deeper into my love affair with junk, I have developed a deep and abiding passion for old, worn, patina-ed brass.  Brass that is heavy and smooth.  Brass that has been transformed by years of wear and love.

And by worn I don't mean pits and spots and rust like that cheap brass gets.  What I'm talking about is PATINA.  Serious patina.

This kind of patina:

Penn Station, NYC
We've noticed the brass sales rising at the antique mall, and several magazines have talked about the re-emerging trend.  But let me get to the point.  When I saw that brass is back, I just wanted to lay it down for all our readers.   

Not all brass is good brass.

Here's a quick guide to some brass we love.  Of course, buy what you love.  All I can ask is that you look at the dull, sweet shine of this brass and think before you buy the cheap stuff.

From here.

From Jonathan Adler, here.

Mid Century Chair, here.

Vintage doorknob, from Counter Clock Wise Antiques, here.

Vintage Brass Numbers, from Vintage Spectacles, here.

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