Friday, June 28, 2013

The Skinny: Stig Lindberg

Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg was a well-known Swedish designer, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s.  After studying painting, he accepted a position with the Gustavsberg pottery studio as a faience artist. In 1949, Lindberg was appointed art director of the company. This allowed him the freedom to experiment with a variety of media, including sculpture, stoneware, tiles, furniture, plastics, and ceramics. He worked with enamels in several ways, even spending time in the studio's bathtub department. Lindberg even did a bit of glass design for the Maleras company. He later opened his own studio in Italy.

We were introduced to Stig when we bought a couple of cute fish dishes. We had no idea who the maker was. We just knew that we liked them. Apparently, someone else does, too, because they sold less than two hours after we listed them. 

It was a bittersweet moment, because we love sending junk to good homes, but our romance with the fish was far too short. So, we decided to live vicariously by learning about the designer and his other fabulous pieces.

In addition to housewares, Stig collaborated with Astrid Sampe on a textile collection. Several of these fabrics have been reissued, and are available in upholstery weight for furniture.

Lustgarden (Garden of Eden) fabric,

Pottery fabric, Here

He designed a television for the Luma company. It. Is. Cool.
What rhymes with Lindberg? Not sure. But he illustrated Swedish books of rhymes for children, written by Lennart Hellsing. They are adorable!

And, here is our wish list:
Stig Lindberg enamel and wood table,

Stig Lindberg "Medusa",

Stig Lindberg bull tile;

Stig Lindberg plate, Here

Stig Lindberg fat horse!, Here

Stig Lindberg Scottie dog, Etsy

Stig Lindberg vase

Stig Lindberg onion vase, Here

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