Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On the Radar -- Woodn't You Like to Have One?

Lanvin Necklace
We both of us, the Blackbird girls, each have a different ring that is a security blanket of sorts.  Mine is a silver ring that is fashioned with working hinged jaws accented with long, monster-like teeth.  I got it when a local jewelry store was going out of business for $7.  Someone offered me $50 for it once -- but I would never sell it.  Never.

Jewelry design is where, I think, designers get to let loose and have some fun.  Clothes can be amazing, but the moment you meet that certain necklace, that special ring -- that's the moment of total magic.  Accessories and jewelry are fun, easy to change around, and can be as delicate or as bold as you want them to be.  But jewelry can be sentimental, special, and family heirlooms, even if they are not that valuable.

I'm loving that designers went for wood in their designs this season.  Lanvin made stunning paneled cuff bracelets and necklaces.

Lanvin cuff bracelet

Marni also did a collection of wooden bug like pieces.

This minaudiere by Givenchy is STUNNING!

Even our First Lady Michelle Obama wears wooden jewelry, like this bangle made for her by Kara Ross.

Wood is an interesting material for jewelry, and it's something I've just started noticing.  I have lots of vintage rhinestone and enamel pieces, but I don't have any wooden pieces.  Might have to change that!  Look at these vintage pieces, available on Etsy:

1970s cocktail ring, available here.

1950s brooch, available here.

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