Monday, May 6, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Geisha Love

Bridge tally, from puffadonna
We have a fascination with mid-century Asian-inspired design, from game boards to tins to ceramics. What's funny is that we don't consider ourselves "Asian collectors." You won't find jade figurines or porcelain tea sets in our house. But you will find brightly colored bamboo-ish planters, tea tins, 1950s lamps, and vintage Chinese fabric labels. We're also really drawn to geishas.

We don't encounter geishas very often in our travels (ha!), but I thought I'd do some fantasy shopping online to see what sort of lovely ladies are available. (*Note: this does not involve "fantasy" shopping for actual ladies. This isn't that kind of blog....)
From puffadonna

We like cute ones.

From RetroLuxeHome

From tickytackyvintage

From HidalgoVintage

From thetoadhouse

Maxi dress!; From thegetupvintage

We like classic girls.
From 27thAVE
From overthetopoverstock

From rdeanlee

From BreezyNotions

And, of course, we've gotta get our hands on some Vera geishas.
From CollectibleKat

From PopLunch

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