Friday, March 22, 2013

The Skinny: Walter Beach Humphrey

Walter Beach Humphrey was an American artist of the early 20th century who specialized in magazine and book illustrations. He did cover art for Liberty, The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, Elks, and other major (and not so major) magazines of the 1920s and beyond. He was best known for Colonial and American Indian images, starting from his Dartmouth days, but many of his most beautiful illustrations featured women. He showed a bit of Art Nouveau influence in his earlier female forms, especially with the long hair and flowing garments (which still managed to be skimpy),  but his work in the 1920s epitomized the new ideal for women--slender figures, new necklines and hemlines, and shorter hairstyles made them appealing from a fashion standpoint. Faces in profile gave them mystery. Their elegant necks gave them timeless beauty. These ladies are classy, and if they have a bit of attitude, it's almost a here-and-you-missed-it moment.There isn't much information available about Humphrey, because he lived a pretty calm life, but I thought he could ring in Spring for us....
Spring is looking for a good time...
And she seems to have found it--Spring gets a little frisky....
A political cover for Collier's
Sexy tan lines are quite suggestive....
Beauty and the beast? Hahaha
Near and dear to our hearts, a lady to reads instead of cleaning
1920s Liberty magazine
1920s Liberty magazine
1920s Liberty magazine

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