Thursday, March 21, 2013

On the Radar -- Coming Full Circle

Cardboard pendant lights, available here.
OK, I know I'm late.  I should have done my post yesterday.  But I went junk shopping yesterday for the shops, and I had a really good day!  I can't wait to get the stuff processed and out for everyone to see!

Yesterday continued a trend I've noticed in my life lately.  I've actually been having a really good week this week.  And that got me thinking in a circular fashion when it came to the trend post.  My life has been full of circles lately.  Circles that are completing themselves.  The giant nature window we just did has been on the window idea rotation for a while, so it finally came full circle.  One of my best friends just told me he's moving back to the state this summer -- another circle closing.  And good old-fashioned karma came to my corner of the world a few days ago.  I'll leave that alone, but let's just say I'm content at this moment. 

So here are some new circle design inspirations for you to drool over.  They make me want a whole new house to decorate!

By StudioLiscious.  Available here.
Tie-dye sunburst pillow from ABC Carpet and Home, available here.
Rika Platter from Crate and Barrel, available here.
By Georgiana Cristea.  Available here.
Circle Ikat fabric from Spoonflower, available here.

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