Sunday, November 25, 2012

Junk Love Monday: BBBBakelite

We don't collect Bakelite. We just happen to own some items made from it, and occasionally dream of a house full of Bakelite radios and drawer pulls. It's actually pretty easy to find, especially if you pay attention to plastic handled flatware. But finding good, real, quality Bakelite is not as easy. And, unfortunately, it tends to be quite expensive. That doesn't stop us from dreaming, though. So this week, our junk love telescope zooms in on Bakelite treasures that we covet.

Of course, the best Bakelite is in jewelry. Bracelets are pretty easy to find, although some colors are definitely more desirable than others. Pins and necklaces are generally more sought after. Everybody needs a Bakelite sombrero brooch!

Bakelite Sombrero Brooch
AgoObjects on etsy

 Some carved pieces are definitely better than others, but the quality is easy to see. We've all found those Bakelite "dogs" that you have to squint at to pinpoint where the eyes are. But, sometimes, the pieces just sing to you, like this fantastic vintage Halloween bracelet:

Vintage Celluloid and Bakelite Halloween Charm Bracelet
craftingfool2003 on etsy

For the black-hearted:

Vintage 40s Bakelite Heart Brooch - Black
BakeliteArts on etsy

 Or, the Holy Grail of Bakelite jewelry, the cherries:

Vintage Bakelite Cherry Necklace
wasabirose on etsy

Or, for those who love the Bakelite rainbow:

Art Deco Bakelite Multi Color Disc Brooch
slapmefabulous on etsy

There are also some pretty fantastic Bakelite radios and clocks out there.

PRICE REDUCED Vintage Fada 1000 Butterscotch Bakelite Radio: working condition
vintagebitsblitz on etsy

Bakelite Art Deco Westclox 1930s Purse Clock
yesterdayrevival on etsy

We've also come across an electric fan with Bakelite blades:

1940's Metal-Bakelite Electric Fan Metallic Green
thelittlebiker on etsy

Buttons and buckles are a great way to get color variety:

antique 1930 bakelite yellow butterscotch belt buckle with rhinestones
FrenchFrouFrou on etsy

22 Vintage Bakelite Buttons in Mixed Colorful Colors
Mauibeadworks on etsy

This is a great desk set:

GLASS INKWELL with BAKELITE Lids plus Two Dip Pens and Nibs
KnickknackFlashback on etsy

Another Holy Grail, this Bakelite and bead purse:

1940s Mind Boggling Bakelite & Cobalt Carnival Beaded Handbag
worldmarketproductio on etsy

And, of course, drawer pulls, knobs, and game pieces:

6 Bakelite Vintage Buttons Grab Bag - Antique 1940s Game Cubes
AddVintage on etsy

SALE Get a Handle on It - Vintage Bakelite Hardware - Vintage Bakelite Handles
becaruns on etsy

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