Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bonus -- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Although we like to try new things in our window displays, the Christmas window at Collector's Antique Mall is always, at its core, based on tradition.  The tree, while it looks different each year, will always be in the same location -- partly because of practicality (that's where the one outlet is) and partly because that's where the Christmas tree goes.  And it will always be a green tree with not-for-sale ornaments, mainly because it's just too freakin' hard to get that particular ball on the very tippy top right (no, my right) branch for Betty Lou -- especially when you have to navigate through all of the merchandise on the floor under the tree.  But hey, we did lobby for colored lights last year, and we got them!

However, just because it's traditional (sometimes a four-letter-word to us, if you know what I mean), doesn't mean it can't be different.  Last year we went for a 1930s kitchen setting, and this year, we felt a wee bit Scottish.  We rounded up all the plaid we could find and threw it in.  Tartan bunting on the tree, tartan tins, plaid get the idea.  We also found a little Scottish man-doll in a kilt.

I made a wreath, and accented it with broken vintage brooches and earrings.  And we found some cool deer pieces in the store:

We went for some vibrant gift wrap wallpaper, and a gorgeous wooden dresser.  FYI, when we see furniture like this, the Blackbird girls say, "That is some 'good wood'."  Also, notice the men in kilts on the wall.

So, Merry Christmas everybody!  (whew, glad this window is done...I need to do some shopping now...)

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