Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Junk Love: Show Your Spots

Leopards, cheetahs, and ocelots--oh my! I could seriously spend my entire day trolling the Internet for vintage photographs of women wearing spotted fur (or items inspired by such)....
Lo Olschner in Berger ocelot coat, 1954

Photo by John French
1950s Balmain
Georges Dambier photo of Suzy Parker for Elle

Elizabeth Taylor in leopard bathing suit

Dior, 1961

And since I will never find a piece that I can 1) afford, and 2) actually wear, I have a vision of decorating some (mythical, invisible, magical) spare wall in my house with black and white photographs of beautiful women with beautiful exotic cats. If I can't afford the fur, I might as well enjoy the beauty of it!
Gene Tierney & leopard

Josephine Baker & Chiquita the cheetah

Osa Johnson and Bong the cheetah, 1949
Phyllis Gordon & her pet cheetah, 1939 London
Starlet Nixon & pet cheetah, 1925

Bettie Page & Bunny Yeager with cheetahs

Ann Margaret & ocelot
Eartha Kitt

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