Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Junk Love: Which Witch?

Halloween is one of the Blackbird girls' favorite holidays, and one Blackbird mother is even crazier about the day than we are. So, for the month of October, my junk love mind will probably wander to vintage Halloween stuff more often than not. Today's journey is about witches.

The witch is the Blackbird mother's absolute favorite character from this holiday. She has collected Halloween items for years, and she has LOTS of items, but she is downright passionate about witchy stuff. She has so many things that, in a lot of cases, it is really hard to find an example that she doesn't already own. I decided to make this my quest today, so here is a selection of wish-list items that will make her drool if she ever sees this post.

As a fan of paper ephemera, of course I looked for those items first. These are my two favorites, both of which I have never seen before. I really want this place card:
Vintage 1930s Gibson witch place card, From Etsy

I also especially love this 1930s die cut witch because she is double sided, and the crepe cauldron is still in great shape.
Stirring and stirring and stirring my brew..., On Etsy
This is probably the cutest candy container I have found. Yeah, she's got her broom, but she certainly doesn't need it to go fast (even though the $300 price might slow me down a bit)....
Vintage Rosbro witch on motorcycle candy container, On Etsy

We always look for vintage Halloween post cards as birthday or Christmas gifts for the Blackbird mother, and this is one that absolutely cracks me up (and it's another item that I've never seen anywhere before).
Vintage Halloween post card, From Etsy
And here are the budget-busters (yeah, the candy container is super-expensive, too, but these are special because they are incredibly rare). The first is a limited edition vintage Ouija-style game called The Salem Witch Board. The board itself is plywood, and has great graphics printed around the border of witches and other Halloween-y stuff (hehe..."weenie"). The instructions state: "The Salem Witch Board is a talking number board used in the attempt to contact the Spirit World through the use of 66 different numbers, each with their own meaning." This one is for sale on Etsy for $125.
Vintage Salem Witch Board game; On Etsy
The second is a very rare fortune-telling game from the 1920s. Even though I don't collect this stuff, I would be tempted to hang on to this if I ever came across it (Ssshhh! Don't tell....), but at $220, I'll sadly have to deny myself this one.
Vintage 1920s Fortune Wheel, On Etsy

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