Thursday, September 5, 2013

On the Radar -- Pop Goes the...

We Blackbird girls had our minds blown a few weeks ago when we watched So You Think You Can Dance.  Mark Kanemura has always been one of our favorite dancers, but we have never, ever seen him choreograph anything.  It was awesome!

We don't like Jenna at all, but we'll deal if we get to see Mark in his element!

So Mark's quirky dance -- set, costumes, and moves -- started our new obsession with Pop Art -- and what seems to be a Pop Art revival.  Little did I know that we're a little behind the curve.  Designers seem to be obsessed, too, and have been all year.  Here's a roundup of some great finds, as well as some amazing fashion shots from recent magazines.  Enjoy!

Vogue Japan, March 2013
Butter Pop Art Nail Polish Collection
Kate Spade Taxi Shoe
Craig & Karl for MCM Wallet, Summer 2013
Rodnik Brillo Box Bag, 2013

Tom Ford, Fall 2013
JUCO photo

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