Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Junk Love: A Plaid Picnic

It's no secret that we love plaid. We have plaid tins, suitcases, and blankets. Part of the thermos collection is plaid (but that's for another day). But yesterday, while I was searching for a cute vintage cook-out image, I found this:


In the name of all things holy and plaid, is that a grill? A PLAID portable grill????? My gasp of joy was so big, I'm pretty sure NASA registered the sudden formation of a low pressure system right above my house. I wanted to fall to my knees in the street and scream, "Why have we never found one of these?"

So I looked online for some more, and they are tricky. We have one of these (in a different plaid):

Vintage plaid Skotch cooler, on Etsy

But look at this grill:

Sold on Etsy

With the lid on, they would look the same! And since we already have a cooler, we try to make ourselves walk right by the others that we see. So, we might have been passing up plaid grills for years!

Sold on Ebay

Here is a grill actually being used (while surrounded by its plaid brethren)! I want to go on a picnic right now!!!

And then I found some more....

Sadly, someone has killed this one.... (Sold on Ebay)
Sold on Ebay

This one is cleverly disguised as a picnic hamper. We've probably lost out on a fair amount of these over the years, too. In the infamous words of Pepe Le Pew, le sigh....


 But this one is the coolest:


I must have one of these oval altars to the plaid gods. I wouldn't use it, partially for fear of setting my hair on fire, but I could pretend to make hamburgers on it. Just listen to my sizzle sounds: sssssssssssss!

And, since I love plaid junk, I couldn't resist pulling some pictures of non-grill items that make me think of food in the park, just for the heck of it:




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