Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the Radar -- Furry Balls

Fendi's furry ball keychains
So, we Blackbird girls love balls.  It's no secret.  We say it proudly.  Then we giggle.

I say it's no secret because we have talked about balls before on the blog.  More specifically, our favorite type of balls -- blue balls.  (If you need a refresher course, then check out that post, here.)  But this week, we move on to our second favorite type of balls -- furry balls.  I collect furry balls.  I have furry ball poodle pins, and hats with furry balls.  And today, I felt the urge to wear my furry ball hedgehog sweater clips with my cardigan.  Maybe, it's because I knew, somehow, that the rest of the world is in love with furry balls, too!

I was flipping through my Bazaar today, and what did I see?  A Jimmy Choo purse and shoes with furry balls!!

They remind me of the fuzzy puffs we use to wear on our roller skates -- you know, the ones with the bells?

And if that's not kiddie enough for you, then how about Fendi's Fur Monster charm?

Or you can try Brian Atwood's furry ball shoe, if you don't want Jimmy's:

And Eudon Choi had furry balls on the models' heads.  (Hee hee.  She looks soooo happy!)

But me, I just buy vintage.  Literally, I buy vintage.  I was totally looking for things for this post, and I bought this from Sweet Geek Vintage on Etsy.  Only $5!  Hands off -- it's mine now!

I did leave a furry ball for you -- although, you might need to move fast.  It's calling to me:

Available here, from Pink Rhino Vintage on Etsy.

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