Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Junk Love: Drumroll, Please

We've been doing this blog for a year, and we always face a dilemma when it comes to choosing which of our own collections is ready to be debuted on Junk Love. Sometimes, it's because we don't think our collection is big enough yet. Sometimes, we have a crossover crisis (should the tray collection be its own post, or should it be a part of a cocktail post, or should that one tray be in an Asian post, and that Peter Max tray be in the Peter Max post????). Sometimes, a collection is just really, really big. The cocktail collection is one of the biggies, and we've started breaking it down to manageable little posts. The other biggie: pinups.

I honestly have no idea how many pinups I have. I have struggled for a year with how exactly to break this collection down. Girls with dogs? Girls with skirts blowing up? Blondes vs. brunettes vs. gingers? Airport girls? Military girls? Girls in lingerie?

After lengthy discussion, we're still not sure about it. But, because sometimes it's fun to take the easy way out first, and worry about the hard stuff later, we decided that the first batch of pinups in this blog feature will all be advertising blotters. Enjoy (and I dare you to not love them)!

I specialize in Elvgren, so 98% of the collection is a great big party of Elvgren girls. Naturally, my blotters fall into this category, although there is one delightful exception: the Zoe Mozert parachutist on top.

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