Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the Radar -- This post is for the dogs...

We've been talking about dogs a lot lately.  We did the Doxie Love post, as well as the 101 Dalmatians post.  And today, when looking around for ideas for this post, I found out that it's not just us.  Seems everybody is dog crazy right now.  The above portraits are by artist Lisa Bengtsson, and are available here.

Of course, I'm partial to dachshunds, but I love all kinds of dogs.  And I'm really in love with my doggie finds!  What do you think?

Madison Humphrey Dog Flock Wallpaper, here.
Pillow from Naked Decor on Etsy, here.
Lady and Two Dogs print from Crate and Barrel, here.
From Quatre Fleurs on Etsy, here.
Print by Janet Hill on Etsy, here.

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