Monday, July 29, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Mermaids!

You know you secretly want to be one. Admit it. They get to swim, and have pretty hair, and have all sorts of pearly accessories. Occasionally, they read Vogue in a secret grotto, like Glynis Johns in Miranda (1948).

But, alas, mermaidishness is not possible for most of us, so we have to be content with owning mermaid-y stuffs.

Vintage mermaid decal; Etsy

Sometimes, they are on fabric. However, the interpretation may differ:

Vintage Little Mermaid cocktail napkin; Etsy

Vintage Swiss Air handkerchief; Etsy

I can't help it. That second one makes me laugh. Really, really hard. And yet, if I found that in a thrift store, it would definitely go home with me.

Of course, you could have mermaid accessories.

Vintage Hattie Carnegie brooch; Etsy

 I've seen plenty of Siam pieces, but never a blue and green Siamese MERMAID!!!!


 And this Soviet piece is pretty sweet:

Vintage mermaid pin; Etsy

I would definitely have a cup of cocoa in this cool cup:

Little Mermaid cup and saucer; Etsy

Perhaps with some plates of cookies on this fab set of mermaid placemats:

Vintage Arnold Designs placemats, Etsy.

And sardines are gross, but mermaid sardines are awesome!

1940s Mermaid sardine tin; Etsy

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  1. Thank you for featuring my mermaid decal. I have others not listed in my shop yet.