Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the Radar -- Falling for Olive

So we've all heard by now that emerald green is the color of the year.  But -- did you know that olive green is the color of the fall?  

Neither did I.  Until I started looking at the fall collections.
It's everywhere.  Every designer seems to have at least a few accents of olive, if not a whole collection of it.  Poor emerald green.

Phillip Lim 3.1, Pre-Fall 2013
Brian Atwood DEA boot, Pre-Fall 2013
Ted Rossi Tribeca Clutch, Fall 2013
Pamella Roland, Fall 2013

And, hell, look at this Gucci lineup!  It's all olive green!

I feel bad for you, emerald green.  Here you thought it was your time to shine, and your dull cousin olive has stolen the spotlight.  Granted, he was in Pantone's color trend list, too, so we shouldn't be all that surprised.  I mean, they called him lichen green, but it's really just old olive with a fancy name.

Maybe next time, emerald.  Just let olive have the glory for now...

Our addition to the lineup, this vintage velvet jacket, available here.

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