Monday, June 17, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Doxie Love

We're dog people (and cat people), but we have a particular fondness for dachshunds, which works out, because one lives with us. She barks at doorbell sounds on television, has an uncanny sense of when bath time is supposed to happen, and she snores. In fact, her sleepy wheezing is keeping me company as I write this post. So, I figured that today could be about weenies (dogs, that is).

Weenies are fun! You can have them on a hankie:

Or in political cartoons:

1937 cartoon, on
 You can let them sell you beer:

Chalkware Frankenmuth beer advertisement, on ebay

Or ring in the new year (ha! rhyming blogs....):

Vintage holiday card
  You can teach them tricks (which they will then use to manipulate you):

1950 Good Housekeeping
 Or buy them as art (note the elegant nuances of dog butt):

1950 paper collage, available here
 You can let them open your wine (and then pour out your sorrows to them--they never judge):

1950s Walter Bosse corkscrew, available here
(Or, you can let them introduce your mid-century enamel collection. Where can I find that Cathrineholm????)

 You can pin one to your sweater:

We have one, but you can get yours here

Or have deep, philosophical discussions....
Hagenauer Hans Boller doxie, available here
 You can loan one your umbrella:

Vintage Vera scarf

Or even your bathing suit (which it will then burrow inside and fall asleep...and snore):

Elvgren pinup

 Even Ginger's got a doxie! You should get one, too. 
Ginger Rogers, Weekend at the Waldorf

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