Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On the Radar -- Going My Way?

Angela Rekucki Fabric - Bikes n Trikes - Chevron in Multi
OK, so you all know about the chevron trend.  They're everywhere.  And they highlight, to me, the way trends move.  Sort of like the spa blue and brown thing from the past decade.  Something becomes an idea in the very high fashion/elite crowd -- and then it trickles down and down and down.  Something that started with Alexander McQueen or  Madeline Weinrib or Jonathan Adler will end up on all kinds of products at Big Lots and Walmart. 

That's the part of the chevron phase we're at right now.  It's beginning its loooooong journey down the slippery slope to the graveyard of dead trends.  A chevron has been done about every possible way you can do it -- it's been through all its various transformations.  It's been modern, it's been Southwestern, it's been hipster.  Three years from now we'll still see chevron prints on dishtowels at the dollar store.

But don't get me wrong.  I love a chevron.  And they're not a new thing.  Fashion and design have loved a chevron for decades.  So for today's trend post, I thought I could highlight a very anti-trendy idea, and what we Blackbird girls love.   Everything old is new again -- although we love trends, we love classics more.

And although the chevron is on the downward death spiral, we know it won't really go away.  Here's our selections for how to keep the trend alive, with vintage picks!

Laminated Bakelite earrings, from Kitsch Bitch 77 on Etsy, here.

Vintage mixing glass, from Need or Want on Etsy, here.

Chevron cardi, from Mouse Face Vintage on Etsy, here.

Vera dishtowel, from Fuzz and Fu on Etsy, here.

Vintage tunic ,from PD Vintage Boutique on Etsy, here.

Vintage purse, from Vagabond Merchant on Etsy, here.

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