Monday, April 29, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Flowers (and an Apology)

From PeppermintBark
First, the apology: we skipped our regular Friday blog post last week. We were just so busy getting ready for a show, we ran out of time. We didn't even post a picture for you to look at, and for that we are truly sorry. So, today's Junk Love post contains some flowers just for you. You'll get a Skinny post this week--scout's honor!

Nothing says springtime quite like daffodils. We have them scattered around our house, and we just love to see their bright yellow (or white) faces turned up toward the sun. The other Blackbird girl's mother is crazy about them, and not only has them everywhere at her house, she collects vintage daffodil-themed items as well (although she calls them jonquils, I'm a daffodil kind of girl...).

Linen towel, from RuralSouth
Set of 4 Vera napkins, from FourMartiniLunch

Metal hook, from VintageFindsAndSigns

Even faded daffodils are cute. We love the look of this vintage green tray. It would look great on a 1930s tablecloth, or even propped up behind mismatched vintage glasses in a kitchen.
From HighPointFarm2010
And, in case you need daffodil fashions in your spring wardrobe, check out this brooch, dress, and pair of adorable yellow shoes:
1930s or 1940s carved bone brooch, from deliadelia
From LionsManeVintage
From bonmarchecouture

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