Thursday, May 16, 2013

On the Radar -- Cheeky Sweaters

Project Runway is a true Blackbird love.  We live for it -- even when it pisses us off.  Like Patricia's making it to the finale or Layana's irritating, spoiled brat whine.  Grrrr.  But we were thrilled with Michelle Lesniak Franklin's collection, and we're soooooo happy she won.  And I'm certain that there were two standout pieces in her collection that everyone loved -- the two sweaters she designed and made with Joseph Aaron Segal.  I foresee many cheeky graphic sweaters out and about next fall!

Other designers were on the same page, like this Divine-John Waters sweater by James Long:

Or this simpler (i.e. more wearable) Aztec sweater from J.Crew:

You can also go for text, like this DVF version:

And like we always say, go vintage!  Like these finds from Etsy:

Available here.

Available here.

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