Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Junk Love Monday: This Junk Love Will Never Die!

Yeah, yeah, so it's really Tuesday. But, we were up really late last night doing the new window display at the store, so we didn't have time for junk love blogging....

Anyway, I came across an article about hats today. I believe we have established the fact that the Blackbird girls love vintage hats. We also love certain modern hats, even if they are more art than fashion, and this is especially true of anything that Phillip Treacy has done or will ever do for Alexander McQueen. So, you would think that as the world's most famous milliner, Mr. Treacy would know what's what about the world of hats. But then he said this: "The fascinator is dead and I'm delighted."


First of all, the man has made some of the most famous fascinators ever worn (remember Princess Beatrice's giant ribbon thing from the royal wedding?). Second, I beg to differ, Mr. Treacy. In the vintage world, people are currently crazy about fascinators. The other Blackbird has been making custom fascinators for people since last fall, and we have seen them flying out the doors of our favorite vintage and antique shops. They are especially popular for weddings right now (in North Carolina, at least). We southern girls love some vintage headpieces, especially ones with feathers.



We love some great netting, too.
From RockAndRollVintage

And let us not forget Dita Von Teese. She has been a burlesque star for years, but is just as well known as a fashion icon with a love for vintage couture. She also wears hats, particularly fascinators, quite often. In fact, she has a room of her home devoted entirely to hat storage. (It is fabulous--stacks and stacks of clear hat boxes as far as the eye can see.) We realize that Ms. Von Teese is not a new discovery, but she has certainly been featured a lot lately in a variety of pop culture venues. Her closet was on a recent episode of Dukes of Melrose, she is in the latest 30 Seconds to Mars video/short film, and she has been in red carpet shots all over the place lately. If there is anyone in this world with a greater love for fascinators than the Blackbird girls, it is definitely Dita Von Teese.

When Dita Von Teese, who is beautiful, successful, and always impeccably dressed, is photographed in fascinator after fascinator, do you really believe that people aren't going to jump all over that? Of course they will. Women want to be her, they want to dress like her...and as if that isn't enough, Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton, and Katy Perry all wear fascinators (*ahem...some of them made by Phillip Treacy). With such popular ladies wearing them left and right, there is bound to be a surge in fascinator...fascination. Let the people of the vintage world unite in our love for these hats! Seriously, just look at them:

Get with the program, Mr. Treacy. This love will never die.

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