Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On the Radar -- The Beetles

Made by The Dusty Raven, on Etsy, here.
The Blackbird girls are known for their love of beetles -- both the bugs and the band.  But lately, one of us has been dreaming of beetles, thinking of beetle-inspired crafts, buying beetle items -- like a little cast iron beetle.  She's been talking about them lately, and she got me interested.  So I did a little searching to find some new, and old, examples of beautiful beetle design.

So today's round-up is for the other Blackbird girl, as an early "Happy Birthday" for her, from me.  Because, as you may or may not know by now, what inspires her, inspires me -- and vice versa.  I'm very lucky to have such a great business partner, comrade in craft and design, and best friend.

From here.
From Amy Kristine prints on Etsy, here.
From The Realm Collectibles on Etsy, here.

And for her to dream of, this by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1938, from here.

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