Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On the Radar -- So Not Your Granny's Wreath

From Pinterest.

Ok, so I know that the word "wreath" probably makes you think two things:  "Is it Christmas?" and "How boring! Wreaths are sooooo outdated!"  And that's how I've felt for the past few years.  But not now!  Wreaths have made a comeback, and I am sooooo excited!

I really used to LOVE making wreaths.  I made them all the time, whether for Christmas or (insert holiday here) or just for fun.  Then, for some reason, I got a crazy thought in my head that they were too old-fashioned.  Outdated.  Boring.  But last Christmas, I made a few.  Just for kicks.  And now, in the past week, I have found myself longing to go to Hobby Lobby and scout for supplies to make one.  Don't I need to make a new fab Valentine's wreath?  How about one with blackbirds, in honor of the Blackbird girls? 

While I barely contain my growing NEED to make one, check out the plethora of super creative and beautiful wreaths I found, on Etsy and Pinterest.  From simple to super complex, these wreaths are definitely not boring...

Made from paper cups, from here.
Made from plastic spoons, from here.

Made from maps, from weird little world on Etsy, here.

Made from old silverplate, from here.
Living succulent wreath from SucculentDESIGNS on Etsy, here.
Yarn and Ball wreath, from sian on Etsy, here.
Cinnamon stick wreath, from Pinterest...not sure who to credit!

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