Monday, December 31, 2012

Junk Love Monday: It's Personal

We've established a reputation for loving a lot of junk, in many shapes, colors, and styles, but one feature that elevates our junk love to near-ecstasy is the presence of a monogram on the piece. It can be clothing (especially on the silky lining of a vintage fur piece), jewelry, plates, linens, cigarette holders, vanity sets--as long as it has a pretty letter, we are all for it.
So can you actually collect monograms? Of course you can. We consider the monogram an almost-lost art form. Modern versions are never as good as the ones from the 30s, 40s, and 50s.
1930s monogram letters, from

Our pieces represent many styles and stories, even if they originally belonged to other people, and we love them all. The newest additions are a pair of engraved plates from a jewelry store, with samples of different styles that were available for a customer's initials. We plan to frame them:
Engraved monograms on copper .
Engraved monograms on copper .
Some of the old monogrammed jewelry is gasp-worthy. We buy lockets and watches, in particular, but love pretty much anything with great initials.
Antique Rose Gold Locket Monogrammed
treasurebooth on

from victorianbuttons on

Dior brooch,

The thing that changes a $50 fur from "I don't really need it" to "Help me find a place in the back seat" is a beautiful monogram in the lining. We're suckers. It's true.

We always swoon over monograms in the movies. Robes, sweaters, smoking jackets, dresses...we'd die to have them all. Katharine Hepburn can often be seen sporting her character's initials in a bold way:
 And we can't leave out these beauties:
1950s Ethel of Beverly Hills Black Knit Monogram D Bolero Sweater
thegetupvintage on
Vintage MONOGRAM 1950's Black Polished Cotton Shirt Day Dress
20thCenturyFoxy on
Vintage 60's 1960s Red Dress Wiggle Monogrammed Embroidered sz m
redangora on

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