Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the Radar -- Supersized

Philip Treacy, Spring 2013
We're going to go a bit fantasy today with the trend post.  Designers got a teensy bit crazy for Spring 2013 when it came to scale and size...well, actually, they got BIG crazy.  An oversized and overscaled kind of crazy. I don't think any of these things can be used in real life, but they are fun to look at, aren't they?

Where do you put this purse when you go to eat in a restaurant?  Can you imagine trying to find your keys in it?

Chanel, Spring 2013

Don't these earrings give you a headache?  I get one just from looking at them...

Diane Von Furstenberg, Spring 2013

There's something appealing about these glasses.  Of course, if I was a model, they would look good on me, too...

Nicholas K Eyewear, Spring 2013
Here's a way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, but I feel like it looks really un-tailored:

Dries van Noten, Spring 2013

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