Monday, November 5, 2012

Junk Love Monday: The Big Ten

This week, we have decided to spill some secrets. When the Blackbird girls need a big junk fix, certain antique malls sing sweetly to us across the miles. We, of course, willingly answer the call, even if it involves hours of travel. It certainly helps that we are pretty centrally located, so beach and mountain shops are never out of the question. And, we have certainly scoured the state for those premier antique shopping experiences. So, here are our top 10 favorite antique malls in North Carolina. (We will later post our list for smaller shops, and out-of-state gems.) In no particular order, we introduce:

1. Screen Door, Asheville NC
      We love this store. It is a fairly recent find, and it pops up in conversation regularly. It is well-curated, with a lot of industrial, distressed, and elegantly re-purposed items, as well as great architectural pieces, antiques, and collectibles.
Visit their website:

2. Oddfellows Antiques, Asheville NC
     Another favorite in the Asheville area. It has around 16,000 sq. feet of antiques, with a lot of furniture, stained glass, architectural items,  and things with a certain interesting "look." You can easily find a beaver top hat, 1930s trophies, leather books, or old store signage.

3. Bryant Antiques, Asheville NC
     We drop a lot of dough at this place. There are a lot of dealers that cater to our wide list of collections, and the prices are reasonable. I once bought a large (around 20"x30") vintage pinup for $75--a steal, as it was in mint condition, and looks fantastic hanging in my house. Also, it is right beside Oddfellows, so we can park once and spend the whole day buying junk!
Their website is here:

4. Sweeten Creek Antique Mall, Asheville NC
     This is another fairly recent discovery, and it is huge. The prices are great, also. We still lament that perfect little mid-century hutch--only $100, but not possible to fit in a Yaris! Le sigh....

5. The Depot at Gibson Mill, Concord NC
      Very huge. The building used to be a functional mill, and has been upgraded with heat/air conditioning (important!). There is a large section geared toward decorators, with new upholstered furniture, fountains, fabric, etc. But, there is also a lot of square footage devoted to traditional antique vendors. We always find great things here, but plan on many hours of shopping to see it all.
Their website:

6. Collector's Antique Mall, Asheboro NC
      We admit to some bias, because we both work here. However, we've both been customers for longer than that (and usually spend a fair share of our paychecks here). It is 35,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles, and tends to be on the regular migratory path of antique buyers from all over the South. Their website stinks, but here is the Facebook page:

7. Antique Market Place, Greensboro NC
      This one is right off of I-40 West, and well worth a full afternoon. You can find anything from Victorian to Mid-Century, and there is a lot that is just neat to look at.
Their website is here:

8. Sleepy Poet, Charlotte NC
      They have a great vintage clothing section, a huge selection of vintage vinyl, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

9. Sanford Antique Mall, Sanford NC
      My favorite purchase from here: a vintage cardboard movie advertisement (18"x24") for $45. They also have great kitchen collectibles, and a large selection of books.
Their website:

10. Smokey Park Antique Mall, Candler NC
     It's sort of in the middle of nowhere, but it's only 15 minutes past Asheville. Our favorite thing about this shop is that we always see versions of things that we've never seen before, if that makes sense. An example: we see a lot of vintage Santas here and there, but this place has a whole showcase of Santas that we've never seen in person at another shop, only in reference books. They are also good about calling dealers with offers on items. Just don't believe them if they tell you that they'll be open on Easter. Lies, I tell you!

and, okay, we had to add another one:
11. The Salisbury Emporium, Salisbury NC
     In the historic Frick Building, right beside the old train station. The staff is very nice, the selection is great, and if you ever wanted anything to do with Cheerwine, this is the place for you. (Cheerwine comes from Salisbury!)

Go and shop! The only way we get to enjoy our favorite places is if they stay in business!

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