Friday, October 12, 2012

The Skinny -- Halloween Party Games

Written by E.O. Harbin in 1950

In all of the various and sundry items we Blackbird girls are drawn to, there is one small (but ever growing) collection we have that has been born out of two other collections -- the cookbook and cocktail collections.  It just seemed like a natural extension to start picking them up when we see them, but then, that's really the excuse to buy something 99.999% of the time.  Today, I'm talking about vintage party books.

We don't really like parties, either one of us.  They sound like fun in the abstract, planning stages, but when it comes to the actual entertaining part -- we'd just rather go junking!  But we LOVE the idea of elaborate cocktail soirees, divine dinner parties, and fun, game filled get-togethers.  Eh, maybe one day some of my vintage cocktail shakers will actually get used to make drinks for a crowd.  But until then, we thought we could share some festive Halloween activities and games with you, our readers, from a great book in our collection called Gay Parties for All Occasions, written by E.O. Harbin in 1950.

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