Monday, June 1, 2015

Junk Love: Aloha!

We LOVE vintage Hawaiian prints, and since we've lately picked up a couple of great pieces for the shop, I thought I would do a quick perusal of other people's Hawaiian dresses on Etsy and put together a sweet little blog post to highlight my favorites. But, I didn't factor in two things: 1. How much I love every single one that I see; and 2. How many there are on Etsy right now. My search for "vintage Hawaiian dress" produced 184 pages of tropical paradise. I only made it to page 20 before I had to make myself stop saving pictures. So, maybe we'll just call this little post Hawaii: Part 1....

1950s Shaheen wiggle dress, Here

Shaheen dragon caftan, Here

1950s Shaheen, Here

1960s Malia maxi dress, Here

Surfside barkcloth, Here

1970s Pake Muu, Here

1950s Kamehameha, Here

1960s Lauhala, Here

1950s Shaheen, Here

1970s Malama/Liberty House maxi dress, Here

1960s barkcloth Harriet's maxi dress, Here

1950s halter dress w/ bolero, Here

1950s wiggle dress, Here

1960s maxi dress, Here

1960s Paradise Hawaii, Here

1960s Kimono-style mini dress, Here

1940s Surfriders, Here

1960s Lauhala, In our shop

1960s halter keyhole, In our shop

1960s Malia, In our shop

1960s maxi dress, In our shop

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