Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the Radar -- Color Cues, Part Deux

It's been a year since my last Color Cues post -- using fresh art from Etsy as inspiration for color palettes to spruce up your home or your design project.  I pay attention to trends, in the sense that I usually like something before it's trendy and then I promptly forget that it's trendy when it hits. 

Really, trends are interesting, in an abstract kind of way.  I mean, I do write a trend post on this blog.  But sometimes, I just like to find what appeals to me, what pulls at me, and then go from there.  That's what I've done here.  Enjoy -- and hey, buy some art from these great artists!

Fernet Branca screen print by KRUSTYstuff on Etsy, here.
Bella Fiore nr.4, Aqua and Coral Red art print by IsaBella by Margriet on Etsy, here
Fruit fine art photograph by LupinGrainne on Etsy, here.
Large Abstract Painting by Lola Donoghue on Etsy, here.

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