Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On the Radar -- Blurred Lines

From Fashion Forward Trends, here.

Confession time again:  we Blackbird girls like to boogie to the song "Blurred Lines."  It may be very un-PC to like it, but we do.  It's just so catchy.  And we think Robin Thicke is adorable. 

Anyway, I think fashion designers like it, too.  I keep finding prints and patterns that are blurred and smudgy.  Like watercolors that have too much water and have started to run into each other and down the paper.  Or like someone has run their fingers through thick paint and made a mess -- well, a pretty mess.

From Patternbank.

Of course, the first designer we look to is the House of McQueen (all hail), and Sarah Burton never disappoints.  She's always on the highest precipice of design, much like her sainted mentor and predecessor.  Love the red, black and white, as well as the really new tribal vibe.  But there's those blurry lines...

Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 2014

Then I found many small fashion houses that were doing prints that are soft or out of focus, smudgy, blurred; new ombres; new dip-dyes:

Jonathan Saunders
Josie Natori
Maria Grachvogel

It's influencing makeup, too.
Vogue Germany, January 2014
Chanel Spring Runway look.

You can get the look for less on Etsy.  A quick search yielded this cute cropped shirt, for under $17.

By handmadebyify, here.

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