Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Junk Love: Werewolf! (There! There wolf!)

And if you know what the title is in reference to, you are allowed to be my friend. But, anyway....

Keeping with the October theme of Halloween-type items, I started thinking about all of the junk that people collect related to this holiday: papier mache pumpkins, witch items, ghosts, black cats, creepy post cards, skeletons, vampires, monsters. But, it occurred to me that an iconic scary dude gets left out of this gathering--the wolfman. It made me wonder...is it possible to collect vintage werewolves? Do such things even exist?

The answer is yes. Yes, they do. Enjoy!

You can go with vintage Halloween costumes. A variety exist, but they all seem to have a lot of yellow on them.

There are about a bazillion wolfman-themed comic books. This one was my favorite:

Eddie Munster had the coolest doll ever. I wish I could find one of these:

There are some great pulp novels out there. I always love the cover art, and this one is pretty cool:

Movie memorabilia is probably the easiest to find, either posters or still photographs. Of course, I had to bring back Jack Pierce and his Wolfman creation (read the original post here).


And one hilarious ad:
And, because I can't resist a tie-in to Young Frankenstein, here you go:

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