Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On the Radar -- Cameos

Trends are funny things.  We've talked about this before -- about how trends start with the style makers and move through the steps of fashion/home fashion, until they end up at Big Lots.  Or Dollar General. 

We're catching today's trend right in the middle of its progression through the stages.  Last year designers were all about cameos.  Like Lanvin's pre-fall collection (fall 2012):

 And Alexander McQueen (from last year -- neither of which are available):

Hmmm... But here's a page I just scanned from the July 2013 Harper's Bazaar, titled "Must-Haves":

And we've been witnessing renewed interest in cameos, both at the antique mall, and in many recent "favorites" of our sterling Van Dell clip earrings, listed here on Etsy:

So jump on this trend wagon!  It's just the right time...

From Morning Glorius, on Etsy, here.
And really, cameos are a quintessential classic.  They will always be stylish!

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