Monday, June 3, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Los Toros!

Everything I know about bullfighting, I learned from Looney Tunes and Ernest Hemingway. (Trust me, Looney Tunes does it better.) In real life, I'm not sure that I would like it. It's hot, there are a lot of people, it probably smells terrible, and there is a high risk of anti-climax if nobody bleeds. Just thinking about it makes me want to slap somebody. Kind of like this:

But, matadors are cool. There is a lot of romance to bullfighting, and this is especially evident in mid-century junk. Matadors are so...masculine. And fluid at the same time. The Blackbird collection includes a great vintage poster, a gift from a friend. This one is from the same series:

We also came across a set of red Haeger figurines, a bull and a matador. We decided to part with the matador, but the bull reigns high above us on our curiosity cabinet, surrounded by vintage candy tins.

Red Haeger bull
Bullfighting was a popular motif in home decor, art, and advertising. There are plenty of cool, kitschy ways to start a collection. Technically, we have the poster, a figurine, and a deck of playing cards. [Hmmm...the Rule of Three strikes again....] Here are some other things we love, but cannot allow ourselves to buy:
Matador poster;

Matador bridge tally; Here on

Matador cocktail napkin; Here on

Tammis Keefe matador; Here on

Possibly the coolest lamp ever; Here on
Vintage bullfight paint by number; Here on

Toreador-inspired attire is also pretty spectacular.
1940s matador brooch; Here on

Scott McClintock jacket; Here on

Fabulous vintage circle skirt; sold on

Sometimes, bullfighters are just too darn cute. 
1930s matador Valentine; Here on

And, if books are your thing, we have this one in the shop right now:
In our shop

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