Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On the Radar -- Buzzzzz

Back in November we talked about it's time for the bees themselves. We Blackbird girls always love insects and bugs, but we have a special place in our hearts for bees.  We are avid Sherlock Holmes fans, and Laurie R. King's series, starting with The Beekeeper's Apprentice, is one of our favorite things.  Along with, well, you know,  Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock... 

Oh, Sherlock!
But even our other favorite, Alexander McQueen had bees all over his last runway.  So we decided maybe it's not just us, and maybe it's not just the honeycomb.  Today's On the Radar is dedicated to the royal bee, in all its beauty.

Above is a vintage buckle from Bay Tree Gifts on Etsy, available here

And here's the Alexander McQueen collar that we're drooling over...

Let's look at some art from Etsy.  A new print:

By GollyBard on Etsy, here.

And something vintage (I'm reallllllyyyy digging this pull down chart...oh, for the wall space to hang it!):

From Linda Bell on Etsy, here.

Light fixture, maybe?

By Marie Christophe

And finally, stunning bee drop earrings:

By Alexis Bittar

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