Monday, April 15, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Week-End at the Waldorf

In the Blackbird house, we watch a lot of movies. We buy them on DVD, watch them on television, stick them in the Netflix queue.... I guess you could call it a form of collecting. Our tastes are pretty varied, but we love classic movies. If we had to downgrade our cable package to offer just one channel, it would be Turner Classic Movies.

A few weeks ago, I was channel-surfing. I basically give a channel around 1.4 seconds to catch my interest before I move on. Sometimes, it takes my brain a little more time to get caught up to what I just saw. So, I pushed the button, moved on, and then said "Wait, was that Ginger Rogers?" I headed back to good old TCM, and sure enough, Ginger Rogers was on the screen, in a 1945 film called Week-end at the Waldorf. We love her. We make it a point to watch her movies whenever we can. And neither of us had ever heard of this movie (we have no idea how this is possible).

I liked the plot of the movie, but even better was the wardrobe. There were several moments that I had to rewind and watch again, just to bask in the glory of the outfits (gotta love the DVR!).

Not only does it feature the spunky and glamorous Ginger Rogers, it has Lana Turner, Van Johnson, and Walter Pidgeon. What a cast! Even worse than the Blackbird girls not knowing about a Ginger Rogers movie, this was a Van Johnson movie that we had never heard of. And we definitely try to keep up with his career (he's so sexy!).

Faced with this shocking (and embarrassing) lapse in our classic movie education, we dutifully dropped everything we were doing and watched the movie. It was fantastic. And did I mention those clothes? Le sigh....

Lana Turner is gorgeous!

Ginger's suit is even better....

Check out the hair!

And, in case you've never seen it, here is the original trailer for the movie:

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