Monday, March 11, 2013

Junk Love Monday: Blue Is Always The Answer

Seriously. Blue is always the answer. In fact, when the other Blackbird says "I've got a question for you," I love to make myself more endearing by always blurting out "Blue!" before she has a chance to finish. That narrow-eyed look that she bestows upon me in return is like butterflies in springtime....

She has always been a red girl, and I've always been a blue girl, and she loves blue and I love red, so our house is crammed to the rafters with both colors. There are many blues in our homemade color wheel, but turquoise and aqua get top honors. Oh, how I love thee! Let me count the ways....

Vintage Italian Typewriter - turquoise/teal Olivetti Studio 45
From TheLovelyGreenWall on etsy

For the planter collection, I might need these Bauer bulb pots:

Vintage Turquoise and Aqua Blue Bauer Bulb Bowls
From SproutVintage on etsy

And, of course, we've gotta show some game night love:

Turquoise blue bingo cards....crowns...mixed media
From LittleBeachDesigns on etsy

Sparkly sunglasses!
50s Turquoise Cat Eye Sunglasses Silver Glitter Glamour Girl Chic 1950s Vintage
From sunnyspex on etsy

For the deer collection?
Gorgeous Narrow Mid Century Pottery Twin Gazelles in Aqua
From TheYellowWindow on etsy

As previously discussed on this blog, mid-century glass is always a weakness, and aqua makes it even harder to resist:

Aqua Textured Glass Vase
From Surfaced on etsy

The flower pin collection could use a giant addition (it's not really a brooch, but we could turn it into one):

Blue Plastic Flower Aqua with Green Leaves Joseph Markovits New York City Hong Kong
From ellesh71 on etsy

And if our soulmate was a tablecloth, it would have to be a turquoise Vera:

Vintage Vera Screen Printed Cotton Tablecloth 60 x 104 NOS
From SugarLMtnAntqs on etsy

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  1. I had a most enjoyable time learning to stamp linens... in periwinkle, aqua and purple. Thanks!